About Euroweld

Since 1995, Euroweld, Ltd. has provided welding technology and consumables for piping, pressure vessels and other complex applications. We have a team of engineers with over 150 years combined experience. Our expertise is rooted, but not limited to, the power and petrochemical industries. Our level of welding knowledge is second to none. We have the know-how on what it takes to solve your toughest problems, not just the easy ones. From conception to completion to follow-up, we are your trusted partner.

Our Policy

Euroweld, Ltd. will pursue, through technical expertise, to be our customers’ preferred partner and authority in welding specialized alloys. We will strive to provide the most reliable products to our customers that meet their specifications, requirements and expectations. We will continually seek to improve our processes and deliveries to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Unparalleled knowledge & expertise

Over 150 Years Combined Experience

CMTR’s for ALL Consumables

Standards for Euroweld Brand Products

Careful Packing & Shipping

Faster Shipping Times

Superior Quality Wire, Rods, Flux & Equipment

"For over two decades, Euroweld has been providing superior products and service."
William F. Newell, Jr., PE, PEng, IWE
Co-Founder Euroweld, Ltd.